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Our Affiliate Program is designed to offer our partners 20% of all sales revenues that we achieve on our website (Sage Pay and PayPal enabled) as a direct result of a referral from the partner site. We sell Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profile Writing services.

All visitor movements are tracked by a database, using Cookies.

Affiliates have online access to a comprehensive range of statistics relating to their referrals and commission, including clicks, number and value of sales, payment history, etc. There is also the facility to create different detailed graphical statistics, custom reports, etc.

Our Market-Leading Operation

Given our evident expertise, our sales and administrative set-up is clearly very fine-tuned and we are extremely adept at converting leads to sales. Our fees are lower on average than our competitors and this is achieved through the efficiency and scale of our operation and the volume of business that we are capable of generating, not through any lowering of quality. So, while we take less money per client, we take on a lot more clients and overall reap greater financial rewards. Furthermore, we simply don't believe in charging the levels of fees that some other companies do; we don't feel it to be acceptable.

Outstanding Commission Rates

Our highest grossing affiliates achieve sales conversion rates as high as 1 in 20, with average order values exceeding $85 and consequent commissions per click exceeding $1.00. These are clearly outstanding results for any affiliate program.

Next Steps

As to how we might work together on your site, we are happy to fit in with, and to accommodate, whatever requirements you may have. We would certainly be interested in hearing your ideas in this respect. Naturally, how much focus you decide to place on generating revenue will have a bearing on our integration into the site and the more prominently and extensively this can be done the greater the resultant sales/commissions are likely to be.

The first stage however is for you to Subscribe to the Program. On completion of this you will automatically be sent an email advising how you should proceed next.

Please note that our Affiliate Program is, like all aspects of our business, governed by our Terms & Conditions, and by applying to subscribe to the program you will be deemed to have accepted these.

Existing Affiliates

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