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Feel your resume isn't reaching the people you want it to?

Is your job search taking up far too much of your time?

Simple. Take advantage of our Resume Distribution service!

Please note- we are currently updating our CV Distribution Service to include a wider range of sites and job boards. The service is temporarily unavailable but will return shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Submit a copy of your resume to The Resume Centre and we will distribute it to a wide range of quality job sites matching your requirements!

The Resume Centre is Canada's leading resume consultancy, specializing in the preparation of professional resumes. We have contacts with recruiters up and down the country, from Aberdeen to Exeter.

Quite simply, the more people who see your resume, the better your chances of finding the job you deserve. Our service achieves this quickly and entirely for free.

To take advantage of this offer, simply upload your resume below and you will then be taken on to a form where you can let us know your preferences as regards where you want us to distribute your resume.

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