Write a Good Resume - A Resume Centre Guide

Although it is clear that the best way to ensure you have a really good resume is to enlist the services of professionals such as ourselves, we do provide this free article to give you some useful information to help you write your own resume, should you be unable to pay for experts to write it for you.

The art of resume writing

Resume writing is indeed very much an art – and a specialist one at that.  It is not as easy as it looks to produce a professional resume that is designed to attract the attention of potential recruiters for the right reasons!  However, even practised resume writers will tend to follow a basic list of rules which help them to write winning resumes every time – and avoid the most common mistakes.

Common mistakes

  • Too long
    A two-page resume is the ideal maximum length with one page being acceptable for less experienced people.  More technical professions, such as medical or IT, can be longer than two pages but these are very much the exception to the rule.  The resume should be clear, concise and easy to read, with the use of bullet points being a very handy tip to help achieve this.
  • Including unnecessary information
    Too much detail can not only make the resume too long but can also end up simply boring the recruiter!  If the information does not have a positive impact on your resume, then it is probably not worth including.
  • Using a Key Skills section
    Although the use of a Key Skills section is still favoured by some, our experience shows that these are becoming increasingly unpopular with recruiters.  Evidence of your skills should be highlighted in the Career History, and a Professional Profile at the top of the resume should be used to summarize these.
  • Including references on a resume
    Referees tend to only be contacted in the latter stages of the recruitment process so it is therefore not necessary to include them on the resume.
  • Too much personal information
    Some people have the tendency to include too much personal detail such as marital status, health etc.  Including a date of birth is no longer necessary following recent anti-discriminatory legislation.  It is also not important to include detailed information about your activities and interests; a simple list will suffice as these can then be elaborated upon at interview at the recruiter’s discretion.

Professional resume services

In our opinion, and according to our many thousands of satisfied customers over the years, there is nothing better than having your resume written for you by professionals.  The Resume Centre can offer a wide range of services from writing resumes and letters to completing job application forms, all of which are tailored to your specific requirements.  So if you feel that the process of writing your own resume is perhaps a little too complex, you may wish to consider seeking further advice from one of our experienced consultants.