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Great service and well worth the investment
Reviewed on | Premium Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

I originally thought I'd just put together my own resume, but then decided there is enough riding on it that it is worth an investment. The writer I worked with was patient and professional. Some of the changes and suggestions they made were subtle, but the all added to a higher quality resume. Highly recommend.

Give this specialization service a try?
Reviewed on | Advanced Career Resume |Verified Purchase

Waiting expectantly for a job in my field. Your resume is an investment too.

Pilar Munoz
Excellent investment/Service
Reviewed on | Pay It Forward |Verified Purchase

I loved that James took the time to communicate with me and understand my main goal. He truly exceeded my expectations in delivering exactly what I asked for and more, the resume he built helped me gain confidence and know my value as an employee. Thank you James!

Kim Beck
Highly Recommend!
Reviewed on | Specialist Resume |Verified Purchase

I have been struggling to redo my resume and finally decided to hire a professional to get some help. Blake was amazing! I highly recommend this service to anyone looking. A tremendous stress has been lifted and I can continue to focus on my career, knowing I have a terrific resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

K Jean
Prompt results and professional communication
Reviewed on | Specialist Resume |Verified Purchase

Communication with JIG was always prompt and professional with every staff member I talked to. The platform they use for communication and uploading documents is very user friendly. I had quality issues with my first writer (mainly lots of copy and pasting of information) but the staff were receptive to my concerns and quickly rectified the situation, setting me up with another writer who was a better fit. Christeline was super easy to communicate with, thoughtfully considered my suggestions, answered my questions, and produced professional writing. Overall, I was happy with my documents in the end.

Got a lucrative job
Reviewed on | Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

I originally had a custom made resume and cover letter as I was going to attend a "Pre-employment/1st year Heavy Equipment Technician" at my local college. I didn't use the cover letter as I was apply for other jobs and what happed not to after. I got hired and was making double from my previous job ($150,000+/year). And recently I was offered a labouer entry level position with the opportunity to become indentured as a Heavy Equipment Technician.

A profile picture depicting Tracy Empringham (Mallory).
Tracy Empringham (Mallory)
Engaging and Informative
Reviewed on | James Innes 30 Min Phone Call |Verified Purchase

I have used The Resume Center several times in the past, and it was time for my resume to be refreshed once again, and I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity to have a 30 minute call with James Innes himself.

Not knowing what to expect, I made notes on what I wanted to convey (my expectations, why I needed the service once again, my story, etc.) and to my delight, we were on the same page from the beginning.

His questions were thought provoking, the conversation engaging and the senior writer assigned to work on my resume was an absolute delight to work with.

The end result is a resume I'm proud to present and speak to.

Thank you James, Jennifer and Team!

job search
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase


Writers are amazing
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

I have ordered express service a few different times, and I have always been impressed with the prompt service and willing to assist. I have been really happy with Naomi, she is an amazing writer, and very helpful. I was not so pleased with the team, however, because prior to ordering, I sent a chat message, plus called, and I never received a response. I was not happy with this at all. I did not have this experience before. The writer however was amazing! I love this service overall and have used many times.

A profile picture depicting null.
Peter- Chief Executive Officer
Thank you so much for your kind and candid feedback! It's always a pleasure working with you! In response to the team not being able to immediately get to your chat + call on the 22nd I do apologize. We'll use this as a case study for continuing to extend our coverage in due course so we're able to offer you an even better service down the line.
Job Well Done!!
Reviewed on | Senior Resume Writing |Verified Purchase

Thank you for being so understanding and answering all my questions

Job Well Done!!
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

Thank you for answering all my questions!

Job Well Done!!
Reviewed on | Cover Letter |Verified Purchase

Great Job working with me and answering all my questions!

Jose Aguiar
Very professional & efficient
Reviewed on | Senior CV/Resume Writing |Verified Purchase